E-book: Solving Senior Living’s Staffing Challenge

The senior housing industry is up against a huge challenge when it comes to attracting and retaining team members. It is made even greater in this industry due to the nature of care services being provided as well as the major increase of older Americans who are in need of care.

Managers and executives are working 24/7 to test out and implement the latest and greatest methods to find the next generation of leaders.

Currently, the senior housing industry is some 2 million positions short of caregivers. In our free e-book, working to attract caregivers in droves is one topic discussed among various industry leaders.


“There are certain positions that are very challenging,” says President and CEO of ASHA, David Schless. “In the higher acuity settings the caregivers have really difficult jobs. Some companies have really found opportunities for people to stay in the organization and grow and that probably doesn’t happen as much as it should.”

But if you want to keep employees around, you will also have to pay them a competitive wage. Raising employee wages when you’re trying to keep a number of other costs down is extremely difficult, but Juniper Communities President, Lynne Katzmann, shares how her company is balancing increasing employee wages while keeping other costs under control.

Other topics covered from top executives include:

  • Recruiting future leaders
  • Training team members
  • Retaining leaders

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