These 10 Cities are Hotspots for Retired Seniors

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect location to start a new senior housing project, but a recent comparison of nearly 200 U.S. cities by Bankrate identifies some locations where potential residents may be plentiful. The comparison determined which 10 cities are the best for retirement.

Some important factors that were taken into account include the cost and quality of health care, state tax rates, crime rate and how walkable the city is. The top three cities on the list are West Des Moines, Iowa, Franklin, Tenn. and Arlington, Va.

West Des Moines, Iowa came in third mainly due to its affordability and safety. The city scored the highest in Bankrate’s top 10 list for best health care and the cost of living is about 10% below the national average, the article stated. There were also no murders in the city in 2014, which makes residents feel especially safe. 


In second place, Franklin, Tenn., is located about 20 miles southwest of Nashville and offers a multitude of history lessons at its many Civil War sites. Franklin is also known for its health care, which costs less than the national average, but doesn’t skimp on quality. Another perk is that Tennessee has no state income tax, which can help keep costs in retirement lower.

Coming in first place as the best city for retirement is Arlington, Va., due to its small town feel and walkability. There is no need to have a car in Arlington, the article points out. The residents in the city scored high for overall well-being, financial health and physical health. The city is also a short subway ride to the Washington, D.C.-area. 

The full top 10 cities are:


1. Arlington, Va.

2. Franklin, Tenn.

3. Des Moines, Iowa

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4. Sarasota, Fla.

5. Scottsdale, Ariz.

6. Round Rock, Texas

7. Glendale, Calif.

8. Cape Coral, Fla.

9. Charleston, S.C.

10. Kendall, Fla.

All of these cities were found to give older residents a great quality of life, possibly due to the pleasant weather throughout the year.

See the full article on Bankrate.

Written by Alana Stramowski

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