Webinar Tomorrow: Serving the Middle Income Senior Housing Market

It is no secret that this country is on the cusp of a significant expansion of its senior population, an event that will impose unprecedented stress on our nation’s financial health as well as its health care and housing infrastructure. Despite the unprecedented impact this will have on our country, public policy as well as state and local regulations and building codes have failed to keep pace. This significant misstep by our nation’s leaders and industry experts leaves us woefully ill-prepared to address the significant challenges that lie ahead of us in the not too distant future.

As a country and industry we have done an excellent job meeting the health care and housing needs of older adults that are high net worth or upper middle class individuals that are able to afford entrance fee CCRCs or higher-end market rate senior living. With a few rare exceptions, we’ve done a mediocre job of meeting the housing needs of our extremely low and very low income older adults, but failed to combine affordable housing with the necessary health care services which middle income seniors need to age in community.

Question: How do we meet the needs of the older adults that have income and assets slightly in excess of qualifying for traditional affordable housing but not enough to move into an entrance fee community or private pay senior living community?


Join us for a lively panel discussion with Rick Banas from Gardant Management and Dana Wollschlager and Jamie Timoteo from Plante Moran Living Forward who will clearly define the challenges we face and discuss opportunities for meeting the needs of an entire older adult cohort that is being ignored.

Our panelists will share:

  • Industry demographics tied to the middle income market older adults;
  • Strategies to develop and operate moderately priced senior living;
  • Design options to make construction affordable yet marketable
  • Barriers to entry into this market;
  • Policy & Regulatory Changes that need to be made in order for us to be successful;
  • Providing value and options to older adults on a fixed income.

Webinar Tomorrow 1pm CST: The Next Big Challenge – Serving the Middle Income Senior Housing Market


Date: Wednesday, June 22

Time: 1:00pm Central

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