White Paper: How Providers Can Use Remote Monitoring to Achieve Business Wins

From automating caregiver tasks to managing residents with passive monitoring, technology can change the way senior housing providers streamline their practices and spend their time with residents. But as providers invest in technology, they need to ensure they are actually improving care and boosting business functions.

One senior living provider is finding both to be true. Minnesota-based Guardian Angels Senior Services recently implemented Healthsense’s remote health and safety monitoring services in two of its communities and has metrics to show its success.

How Providers Can Use Remote Monitoring to Achieve Business Wins


This white paper includes information on:

  • A real-life look into how one provider improved care and its business with remote monitoring tools
  • Three-pronged approach to utilizing remote health and safety monitoring technology
  • Essential metrics that matter most for the health of residents and the bottom line of business
  • …and more!

Guardian Angels has learned how to utilize the data to reduce hospital readmission rates and lower labor costs by streamlining caregiving activities. The organization is able to compare its technology wins in its two Healthsense communities to those that have not integrated the technology.

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