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This week, Senior Housing News readers jumped at the chance to learn how to make the industry “sexy.” Readers were also interested in Philips’ Aging Well Services, the lingering debate over the term “life plan community” and a study that revealed just how much families of assisted living residents worry about falls.  

Here in the newsroom, we were highly entertained by the seniors acting their hearts out for “Tuesdays with Matthew.” 

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Senior Living CEOs: ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Is Industry Imperative—Cue the Justin Timberlake: When it comes to attracting new expertise to work in senior housing, enhancing the appeal of senior living is critical to both the growth of the industry and insuring against the looming staffing crisis currently facing the U.S., according to a group of industry chief executives who spoke at the 2016 Senior Housing News Summit in Washington, D.C. “We are not that sexy of an industry,” said Lynne Katzmann, founder and president of Juniper Communities. “We have to talk about senior housing differently, and we need to start publicly talking to people that this is, if not sexy, a great place to be.”

‘Life Plan Community’ Versus ‘CCRC’ Debate Lives On—Months after the introduction of the phrase life plan community as an alternative to the traditional continuing care retirement community (CCRC) terminology, it seems there’s still sharp industry disagreement over which is the term of choice.

Philips Aims To Be One-Stop Shop for Senior Care Solutions—Multinational tech giant Philips (NYSE: PHG) recently launched an initiative that could position the company as a one-stop shop of sorts for seniors and caregivers looking for solutions to enable more independent aging. Philips’ Aging Well Services is meant to be a whole portfolio of personalized services, solutions and content around this mission of independence. 


Families Crave Better Fall Prevention in Assisted Living—Adult children regularly worry about their parents falling in assisted living communities—though their high interest in fall-prevention technology may come as music to the ears of industry innovators. Over half—54%—of the 1,900 U.S. adults recently surveyed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are worried about an older parent falling. Of those who are worried, 70% worry at least once weekly, if not every day, the research reveals.

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Check out “Tuesdays with Matthew,” a program run by Matthew Hoffman at a Los Angeles-area senior center. Every Tuesday, Hoffman takes famous scenes from iconic movies and recreates them with seniors starring in the lead roles.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson

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