Editor’s Picks: A New Senior Living Entrant

Senior Housing News will be out of the office Friday, March 25. We will return to our normal posting schedule Monday, March 28.

For now, catch up on what readers tuned into this week on SHN, including yet another new entrant in the senior living space, this time helmed by the former COO of Senior Lifestyle Corp. They also discovered some best practices when it comes to managing millennials in the workplace, and learned about a startup that’s taking a different approach to technology for seniors.

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New Provider Launches, Helmed By Former Senior Lifestyle COO—There’s another new entrant in senior living, and the recently launched owner, operator and developer has set out to become an employer of choice in the sector. And its leader—the former COO of Senior Lifestyle Corp.—plans to remain unusually visible within his communities. Naperville, Illinois-based Charter Senior Living is initially targeting new developments and acquisitions in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, and its first deal is slated to close May 1.

Hospitality, Health Care Divide Widens in Assisted Living—The debate over whether senior living is primarily a hospitality or health care industry has intensified in recent years. Now, it appears that rather than coming to a consensus one way or the other, leading providers in either camp are holding firm and building strategies around distinct philosophies.

3 Rules of Managing Millennials in Senior Living—With a labor crisis in store that includes a worker shortage and wage pressures ahead, health care organizations are grappling with yet another workforce challenge: the rise of the millennials. Senior living providers have both an added challenge and an opportunity in managing millennials due to the nature of what they do in providing care to an aging population.


Startup Taps Emotional Benefit of Technology for Seniors—Between on-demand services, wearables and other disruptive technology, senior care is set to be revolutionized in the years ahead as tech companies line up to serve the ever-increasing aging population. One startup, The History Project, is taking its own approach by tapping the psychological and emotional benefits that technology bears for seniors.

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10 Innovations In Health That Will Blow Your Mind—Innovations and technology have been the name of the game in senior living and health care as a whole as of late, and Buzzfeed brings 10 in particular to the spotlight.

Magic Happens When Millennials and Seniors Move In Together—A Finland housing project dubbed “A Home That Fits” lets millennials move into retirement communities. They agree to spend time socializing with seniors in exchange for the privilege of living with them and paying below market rate rent—a seeming win-win for all involved.

On the Horizon

We’ve reported on ASHA’s multimillion-dollar “Where You Live Matters” campaign, and now it appears the senior housing association is taking the next steps in its consumer outreach mission by hosting a Twitter chat. It’ll include Dr. Roger Landry of Masterpiece Living, a big player in the industry’s push for wellness. We’ll be keeping an eye on what interesting questions are posed and who pipes up to answer during the event next Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. CST.

Written by Kourtney Liepelt

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