Editor’s Picks: NBA Stars and ‘Golden Girls’

This week, Senior Housing News readers were keen to learn the SHN editorial team’s predictions for the top 10 senior housing trends in 2016. Readers were also interested in learning about how a new payment stream could come to senior care, a former NBA player’s partnership with a senior housing company in Washington, and this year’s SHN Design Award winner for “Best CCRC.”

Here in the newsroom, we’re enjoying reading about nontraditional senior living arrangements.

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The Top 10 Senior Housing Trends for 2016—SHN’s George Yedinak, Elizabeth Ecker and Tim Mullaney share that they think will be the top senior housing trends to watch out for in 2016.

How a New Payment Stream Could Come to Senior Care—Right now, there are limited ways for middle-income earners to pay for senior care services. An overhaul of senior care financing is not currently in the cards, but a more incremental approach that includes new types of insurance plans could be a place to start, according to a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center Long-Term Care Initiative.

NBA Star Gets Into the Senior Housing Game—Brian Scalabrine, who has played for the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets and is affectionately known as “The White Mamba,” has partnered with Village Concepts to build its newest community on his land in Des Moines, Washington.


Best of CCRC Design 2015: Old Meets New—The sheer dedication that went into carefully weaving Balfour at Riverfront Park into Denver’s urban fabric alongside the expert incorporation of a historic building into the community’s overall aesthetic resulted in its victory in the “Best CCRC” category.

Weekend Reads

In Germany, Retirees Have Found a Novel Way to Avoid Being Alone—A group of retired women in Berlin decided to form a community where they could live in their own apartments, but easily get together for activities. They call their idea OLGA—“Oldies Leben Gemeinsam Aktiv” or “Active oldies living together.”

‘Golden Girls’ Senior House Set Up for Four Women to Co-Habit—A real estate agent in Tennessee has trademarked the name “LifeShare Homes” for her concept of a home where four women live together, but have their own space — a “Golden Girls House.” She has already built one such house, and would like to lease it to four women, each at $1,200 per month, including cable, utilities, Internet and maintenance.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

A college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has taken up residence at a senior living community—though his apartment still very much resembles a dorm room. This seems to be all the rage in senior housing, lately.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson