New Program to Bridge Senior Living, Health Systems

With the ever-increasing desire to partner with health systems and hospitals, more senior living providers are making an effort to engage through a variety of emerging programs. 

Minnesota-based senior living provider The Goodman Group has recently launched its Platinum Passport Services program at its community in Eagan, Minnesota, to bridge the gap between senior housing and local community members. The provider, which operates in 10 states, hopes the program will increase referrals, create new partnerships with local health systems and provide better health care and resources for nearby seniors and caregivers.

“The vision has always been to bridge our facility with the community and to support our community members,” Amanda Sue Watson, the director of the new program, told Senior Housing News. “The initial priority will be to educate the doctors, hospital partners and health systems about this new program. We always strive to be a partner of choice.”


The program is intended for adults between the ages of 60 and 85 who are still living at home in nearby areas. The Goodman Group will offer support for health and overall wellbeing with a life navigator who will work with members to plan and track their health goal using assessment tools. The program also offers a variety of programs and services aimed toward improving health goals and connecting with others in the community.

“This is for the individual who is aging or who has a recent or existing diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or a general disability but is not quite ready to make that move to senior living,” said Watson. With the support and access to programs and services within a senior living and health care facility, we are extremely hopeful [the program] will be that bridge [for the community].” 

The Goodman Group is striving to make connections with community partners that could potentially lead to more referrals. As the health care system shifts toward value-based purchasing, in which payments are tied to quality metrics such as rehospitalizations, forming referral partners is becoming increasingly important. 


“With everything going on in senior living and health care with the accountable care organizations (ACOs) and looking at decreasing the number of readmissions and the bundling initiatives, developing those relationships with health systems and hospital partners is going to be key,” Katie Westberg, national director of life enrichment with The Goodman Group, told SHN. “We’ve already begun those conversations with many hospital groups around the country and what Platinum Passport brings to the table is just another element that we can offer their patients along that care continuum.”

The senior living provider hopes to reach around 20 to 30 adults in its pilot program and plans to expand the model throughout their communities. According to Westberg, the Group will likely offer the the services in its Florida communities in early 2016. 

“We definitely want to take this model throughout the country,” Katie Westberg, national director of life enrichment with the Goodman Group, told SHN. “As soon as we get it up and running and can show that it’s of quality to our members, we’d like to move forward as quickly as possible, but mindfully one area at a time.”

The cost for the program will be based on two levels of membership and is still being determined by The Goodman Group, according to Watson. The first level will provide members with access to a life navigator for care consultations, health and wellness assessment tools, participation in a variety or programs and services and engagement in social activities. The second level also includes meals for adults, which can either be enjoyed at the Eagan community, The Commons on Marice, or at home. 

“The return on investment will really be indicative on member growth,” says Westberg. “As we see the number of members join along with looking at their health and wellbeing measures and what those do over time and the potential referrals from the Platinum Passport program—I think those three things are going to help us look at ROI.” 

Written by Amy Baxter

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