Editor’s Picks: Mom-and-Pop Memory Care Goes Big, Avanti’s Art Project

This week, SHN readers were keyed in on an innovative provider betting big on mom-and-pop style memory care, and interested in how developers are targeting a senior housing hotspot. Ventas kicked off the latest round of quarterly earnings with strong results, then followed up with new details about its spin-off.

And the heat of high summer appears to be stimulating people’s creativity—art was the theme of the week. From a story about the Orlando Art Museum’s programming for seniors with memory care needs, to news of an Avanti Senior Living photography initiative, we were stirred both by the artwork that seniors are creating and that they are inspiring others to create.

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Provider Bets Mom-and-Pop Memory Care Model Can Go Big—A Kansas-based provider is building a memory care operation by acquiring single-family homes in a centralized area and converting them for senior living. The model marries the benefits of intimate, homelike settings with the efficiencies of a larger operation.

How Developers Are Building Smart in a Senior Housing Hotspot—Given that some markets might be getting overbuilt, the pressure is on for senior housing developers to choose the exact right location for new projects. That holds true even in places like Milwaukee, where overall demand is strong.

Will Demographics Lead to Short-Term Decline in Senior Living Demand?—It’s taken as a truism: Demographic trends are working solidly in senior housing’s favor, as the aging U.S. population will drive demand sky-high. But that boom is still a few years off, and in the meantime, demographics might actually pose a challenge for the industry.


Ventas Beats Senior Housing ‘Headwinds,’ With Spin-Off Ready to Roll—Chicago-based Ventas (NYSE: VTR) was the first of the “Big 3” real estate investment trusts to release its Q2 2015 earnings, and it had a lot to boast about, including the strong performance of its senior housing operating portfolio. Execs also said that the pure-play skilled nursing spin-off, Care Capital Properties, is moving “full steam ahead.” Later in the week, the Ventas board of directors gave its approval for an August launch date.

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Medicare officially turned 50 this week, and the occasion prompted some evaluations of where the program is today and where it’s headed. One of these commentaries, in TIME, focused on how this could be an ideal moment to improve how Medicare support end-of-life care.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Avanti Senior Living has partnered with The Passions Project photographer Heidi Wagner, the Texas-based owner, operator and developer recently announced.

Wagner started The Passions Project in 2012. Avanti described the project’s goal this way: “Wagner understands that many people are nervous about getting older, but she wants to show the world that no one should have anxiety about aging and that they should embrace it by living life to the fullest.”

Here are some of the striking The Passions Project photos Wagner has taken. She will take similar photos of Avanti residents, which will be used to decorate the communities in Texas and Louisiana where they live.

“Art is … intrinsic. It’s a part of us. It’s not just something that’s out there. It’s integral to who we are.” So says Sue Boulais, gallery facilitator at the Orlando Museum of Art. Check out how the museum teamed with a program called Art’s the Spark to bring art into the lives of seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Music, art stimulates memory for seniors

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