Editor’s Picks: Brookdale C-Suite Shakeup, Madonna Fights Ageism?

Yes, the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare subsidies, in this week’s biggest health care story … but just one day before the high court handed down its decision, The New York Times ran a story on another issue of pressing national importance:

Madonna is getting older.

OK, we’re being tongue-in-cheek, but we think Jancee Dunn’s take in “Getting Older with Madonna” is well worth a read. Dunn meditates on how the Material Girl might—or might not—be combating ageism as she prepares to turn 57. Also this week, SHN readers were paying attention to the leadership shakeup at Brookdale and were interested in ways to improve senior living tours.


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Brookdale Shakes Up Executive Suite to Aid Emeritus Integration—The nation’s largest senior living provider is on the hunt for a new CFO and COO, after a C-Suite shakeup saw former COO Gregory Richard depart and current President and CFO Mark Ohlendorf take on a new role, more focused on operations. The behemoth provider is still working hard on integrating Emeritus Senior Living.

 4 Ways Your Senior Living Tour Needs to Change—Do you know how to conduct a “reverse tour”? Doing so is just one way providers can make a better impression on prospective residents during the all-important tour.


Enormous Health Care REIT Consolidation Wave is Yet to Come—If you want some idea of how much more consolidation could come to the health care real estate sector, take a look at shopping malls, says the director of equity research at Wells Fargo Securities.

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The concept of “assisted dying”—in which health care professionals administer drugs or otherwise help terminally ill people end their lives—is controversial, to say the least. But a movement in support of the practice may be gaining momentum, with bills and legal cases active in 20 states. Senior living providers may be on the front lines if these become law; read more about the issue and the ways other countries have implemented assisted dying practices in The Economist.

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Senior Living Reacts to ACA Ruling

Here are some of the responses from senior living organizations and other senior advocates following Thursday’s ruling in King v. Burwell. The ruling established that the federal government may provide insurance subsidies to defray costs for people who buy policies through the online marketplace:

“This is a great day. Today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court affirms the promise of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to provide affordable health insurance to Americans of all ages and walks of life. The ACA has positively impacted the field of aging services by allowing providers to create innovative, community-based approaches to help seniors stay as independent and healthy for as long as possible.” -LeadingAge President Larry Minnix

“This decision ensures that hundreds of thousands of direct-care workers, living in states that have federally run exchanges, will continue to have access to affordable health coverage. Direct-care workers—nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal care aides—provide vital health care and support services to millions of elders and people with disabilities.” -Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute President Jodi M. Sturgeon

“The court’s decision is particularly helpful to older citizens who are not yet eligible for Medicare. The ACA provides subsidies to millions of workers 50 and older so that they can have access to affordable health care under both the state and federal exchanges. Adults in this demographic are more likely to face increased costs and risks, and the insurance industry has priced coverage out of their reach in many cases.” -Alliance for Retired Americans Executive Director Richard Fiesta

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In her article on the way Madonna is aging, Jancee Dunn focuses on how the pop megastar has been promoting her latest album, Rebel Heart. While she has mixed reactions to the way Madonna is embracing age, or not, Dunn has unqualified praise for the way she can still sing, and is especially impressed with this rendition of “Ghosttown” off of Rebel Heart:


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