Most Read: Innovation is the Future, Developer Targets High-Tech Communities

In case you missed them, here are the top headlines grabbing SHN readers’ attention this week:

Taking Assisted Living from Small-Time to Regional Power Player—Since its founding in 2002, one assisted living provider has grown to become one of the major senior housing players in Virginia. By pursuing an aggressive acquisition strategy, this provider has been successful in buying properties, having grown from just three to 21 communities over the course of its operations.

Senior Living Gains Investor Appeal, But Best is Yet to Come—Considered a niche investment in the past, senior housing real estate has garnered substantial investor appeal over the years from a number of large, institutional investors. But now, retail investors may be catching on to opportunities in the sector as well. 


Interview: Why Innovation is the Future of Senior Living—While senior living rides a growth wave into an innovative new era, one provider has quietly expanded its portfolio of properties to provide housing and care for seniors while keeping costs to residents low.

New Developer Bringing High Tech Concierge Communities to Southeast—An established senior living developer known for its high-end, technologically sophisticated communities is aiming to take its portfolio to the next level by creating a whole new company focused exclusively on these types of properties.

Home Health Margins Plunge, Leaving Providers Vulnerable—Senior living providers have been eyeing home health operators in recent years. But while there are compelling reasons for senior living companies to get into the home health game, that sector faces some steep challenges. 


Written by Jason Oliva

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