Must Reads: Aging Boomers Can’t Kick Drug Habits, Strong Year for REITs

Top news organizations around the country recently ran these must-read stories related to senior housing.

Aging Baby Boomers Bring Drug Habits Into Middle Age — Drug abuse—and overdose deaths—are surging among older Americans, as Baby Boomers continue or resume their drug habits as they age, the Wall Street Journal reports. Patterns of opioid use also are contributing to the problem.   

J.P. Morgan Joins U.K. Government to Create New Fund to Fight Dementia — Global financial services firm J.P. Morgan is working to create a multi-million pound fund in coordination with the government in the United Kingdom, to finance pre-clinical research research into dementia drugs. The collaboration also aims to bring together experts from various realms, such as pharmaceutical companies and research organizations, including J.P. Morgan clients. 


Why Many Retirees Are Upsizing Into Larger Homes — The No. 1 reason that many retirees choose to move into a larger house is to accommodate children and grandchildren—and a surprisingly large number of people are opting to upsize, according to a recent study. Maddy Dychtwald, co-founder of think tank and consultancy Age Wave, delves into this trend by reflecting on older adults’ mixed desire to “spread their wings” and “honor their roots.” 

What the Battle Over Home Health Care Worker Pay Is Really About — As a polarizing debate over home health worker pay escalates across the country, Forbes’ Howard Gleckman observes that the conflict highlights the need for a much larger discussion about how to fundamentally reform the nation’s long-term care system. There is not enough money flowing through the existing channels to provide the type of care people need, he writes.

Cost of Long-Term Care Rises With Age — Prior to retirement is the best time to plan for long-term care needs, and Baby Boomers have a variety of options. They should investigate long-term care insurance, annuities, veteran benefits and other potential means of paying for assisted living and other types of care, financial advisor Jake Lowrey says.  


Why We Need To Get Rid Of Senior Centers — Traditional senior centers have proven benefits for those who utilize them, but they do not appeal to active Baby Boomers. There is a growing movement to transform these centers into multi-generational gathering places that offer a rich array of resources and activities.  

REITs Find It Easy to Raise Money — Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have raised more than $12 billion this year through public offerings, convertible-bond offerings and follow-on offerings, thanks in part to a continued low-interest rate environment. Major senior living player Health Care REIT is among those that recently have raised big sums through these types offerings, in which shares generally have been selling at a premium.

7 Steps for Choosing the Right Nursing Home — Making an unexpected visit and speaking to residents directly are among the suggested methods for determining the quality of a nursing home and making a decision about which facility is the best fit. 

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Written by Tim Mullaney

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