Must Reads: Keys to Ventas’ Success, Google ‘Ventures’ into Anti-Aging Tech

Diversified Business Model is Key to Success — For large-cap real estate investment trust (REIT) Ventas, Inc., success flows from having a diverse capital stack and a variety of products in different geographies, Chairman and CEO Debra Cafaro said at the recent Citi Global CEO Property Conference. The company’s experience with various types of deals enables it to better estimate market cap-rates, she said.

Retirement in a Community. But Which One? — To choose the right senior living option, older adults should begin with self-reflection, according to this recent New York Times article. Evaluating their needs and financial outlook can help retirees make the right choice the first time.

Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality — Bill Maris heads one of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile venture firms, and under the Google umbrella is focused on investing in efforts to lengthen the human lifespan. He believes it is possible for people to live 500 years, he tells Bloomberg Markets.


Why One Woman Feels ‘Blessed’ to Live in a Nursing Home — 84-year-old Polly Kyles opted to live in a nursing home rather than with one of her children, and says she has found a sense of purpose and calm since arriving last year.

How We Spend Our Health Care Dollars As We Age — Routine health care spending, such as for doctors visits, does not increase much as Americans age — but steep long-term care costs become more common, according to recently published research findings. This idea that “not all health spending is created equal” might surprise people, explains Forbes Contributor Howard Gleckman.

Written by Tim Mullaney


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