Must Reads: Govt Should Curb Dementia Drugs in Assisted Living

Top news organizations around the country recently ran these must-read stories related to senior housing.

GAO Report Urges Fewer Antipsychotic Drugs for Dementia Patients — People with dementia living in assisted living facilities or other non-nursing home settings have a 1 in 7 chance of being on an antipsychotic medication, according to an NPR report on recent Government Accountability Office findings. The government should seek to curb antipsychotics in these settings, as it has in nursing homes, the report recommends.

The Unheard Of Model for Senior Living in India — It took a 23-year-old woman to bring India its first high-end senior living community, even though the country’s aging population may be the world’s largest. CEO Singh Vachani has overcome bureaucratic obstacles, worked with all-male boardrooms and raised substantial capital since starting Antara Senior Living four years ago, Forbes contributor Ambika Behal writes.


Angela Bassett on Long-Term Care and Having ‘That’ Conversation — It’s crucial to have conversations with aging loved ones about assisted living and other options for care, actress Angela Bassett tells ABC News. The conversation is part of the Let’s Talk Now campaign created by long-term care insurer Genworth.

Robear Robot Care Bear Designed to Serve Japan’s Aging Population — With Japan facing an aging population and a looming caregiver shortage, companies RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited have developed Robear, a robot that can lift people out of bed and perform other essential, physically demanding tasks.

Americans Racked by Retirement Fears — Nearly 30% of Americans cite high medical expenses as their No. 1 retirement fear, and 23% say they are worried about running out of money, according to a new survey. Long-term care expenses are a major cause of uncertainty for retirees, experts say.


Don’t Let Health Issues Threaten Retirement Independence — Home retrofits, financial assistance and legal aid are all valuable resources that can help older adults live on their own or with a spouse even as they encounter health issues related to aging, writes Kenn Tacchino in MarketWatch.

How to Practice Being Happy in Retirement — Seniors approaching retirement often hear tips like “start to volunteer” or “live on 80% of your income” to help ease the transition — but they also could benefit from eliminating a bad habit, Forbes contributor Robert Laura writes in this article with unconventional advice.

Written by Tim Mullaney