Webinar Last Chance: How to Drive Profit Through Content Marketing

There’s no denying that consumer expectations have evolved. And in today’s world, where consumers are accessing information in a number of ways, marketing relevant and genuine content to communicate your brand’s message across a variety of mediums is crucial to driving the bottom line.

Join Senior Housing News Wednesday, February 25, 2015 for a free webinar on Content Marketing: Driving Profitable Consumer Engagement to learn the crucial steps senior living organizations need to follow to develop a content marketing program that not only aligns with your organization’s goals, but also effectively tells a story, creates consumer engagement and ultimately drives business.

During the webinar, experts will cover:

  • How to develop a content strategy that aligns with the business goals of your organization.
  • How to efficiently create and manage content to streamline the process and drive messages across all platforms.
  • Which content and formats are generating the greatest engagement from senior living consumers.

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Johnson, Vice President / Creative – GlynnDevins
  • Janel Wait, Vice President / Digital – GlynnDevins
  • Brandi Towns, Associate Public Relations Director – GlynnDevins

We live in the age of the consumer when access to substantial, relevant and genuine content in a variety of mediums is expected. Technology has given us the tools and consumer behavior has shown the power that well-developed content (articles, blogs, videos, testimonials, profiles, social media updates, etc.) has in motivating consumers to act. Sign up today!

Date: Feb. 25, 2015


Time: 1pm (CST)

Register today.

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