CCRC Monthly Fees Projected to Rise 3% in 2015

Continuing care retirement community monthly fees will increase by about the same percentage this year as in 2014, according to data recently distributed by investment bank Ziegler. 

The average annual change in monthly fees for 2015 will be 3.06%, Ziegler stated in its Z-News compendium for the week of Feb. 16. That projection compares with a 3.05% average annual change in monthly fees for 2014. 

Communities with Type-A contracts had the highest average monthly fee increases in 2014 and rental CCRCs had the lowest, Ziegler determined through a survey conducted in October. 


The average annual change in monthly fees was lower—2.94%—in 2013, according to the statistical snapshot. Ziegler’s historical data for the last five years shows that monthly fee increases were steepest in 2010, at 3.23%.

Entry fee increases also have hovered around 3%. The 12-month historical average entry fee increase was 3.2% for the period between August 2013 and August 2014, the snapshot notes. The median entry fee increase for that time period was 3.0%.

Written by Tim Mullaney