Most Read: Multifamily Developers Will Reshape Senior Living

In case you missed them… here are the top headlines grabbing SHN readers’ attention this week: 

Multifamily Developers: The Gateway to Senior Housing’s Future — Non-industry institutions like hospitals and national multifamily housing developers may soon change the way the industry views senior living design. Alberto & Associates and its affiliate Ewing Cole envision future design to resemble a senior living community within a larger community that features mixed-use developments, which the companies say will appeal to the urbanized Baby Boomer.

Realtors Pinpoint Top 10 Housing Markets for Baby Boomers — As Baby Boomers approach retirement many may be searching for new locations to best suit their needs as they age. New data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows which markets may attract the most boomers in the coming years.


WSJ: 6 Myths of Aging —Prevalence of depression,  the inevitable creep of cognitive decline, and older workers are less productive are some of the six common myths about aging debunked by WSJ in a recent article. 

NY Times: Senior Housing Not Cutting it on Meeting Residents’ Needs — Aging Americans living in senior housing are less likely to have their needs met than those living in their own apartments, homes or condos, new research reveals. More than 41% of residents in assisted living reported an issue in the last month, the New York Times reports. 

Review Site Releases 2015 ‘Best Of’ Senior Living List — Reviews and customer satisfaction ratings placed nearly 900 communities and care services of the over 100,000 tracked by online resource on the third-party review site’s “best of” senior living 2015 list. At 4.5%, 4.1%, and 3.3% respectively, Atlanta assisted living, Chicago assisted living, and Dallas assisted living providers represent the top three U.S. cities with the most winners, data show.


Written by Cassandra Dowell

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