Most Read: What Senior Housing Bubble?

In case you missed them… here are the top headlines grabbing SHN readers’ attention this week: 

What Bubble? Senior Housing Finds Its Sweet Spot—While many have speculated that recent senior living deals and developments could signal a new “bubble,” recent findings by CBRE show demand still far outpacing supply. Senior living, rather, is just hitting its stride, CBRE finds. 

How Americans Living Longer Will Shape the Future of CCRCs—Americans are living longer, and CCRCs are taking notice. One CCRC has changed its approach to accommodate the trend. 


Senior Living Operator Goes Big With New Investment Arm—Senior living operator Ridgeline Management Company, based in Oregon, is making a play at building its investment arm with several new hires. The company says it will bring investment opportunities to a larger audience through its new initiative. 

Boomers Seek Home Upgrades, Not Senior Housing—One challenge ahead for senior living? Baby boomers. The Demand Institute has reported via a study of baby boomers and their homes that they are more often seeking home upgrades or moves to new homes than transitioning to senior living communities. Only one in five report wanting to relocate to senior-related housing or active adult communities.

Senior Living and Hospital Referrals: Are You on the Magic List?—Senior living operators have long been seeking partnerships with hospitals, for which they can provide post-acute care services. One hospital discharge planner explains the considerations for providers to make it onto the “magical list” of discharge planners. 


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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