Most Read: 3 Threats Stand In Way of Home Health Care

In case you missed them, here are the top five stories grabbing Senior Housing News readers’ attention this week:

Home Health Has Potential, But Faces 3 Real Threats — As an increasing number of senior living providers offer home health care services to expand their reach beyond community walls, experts note that there are steep challenges to overcome first. Health care reform, the companion care exemption rule and worker misclassification are issues providers should consider before entering the home health landscape.

Senior Living Execs See Higher Margins, With Major Challenges Ahead — While the outlook for senior housing has been defined as strong, even during the recession and real estate downturn, the industry still poses significant challenges, according to a new report on senior living providers. Findings of the study, released by investment advisory and banking firm Cleary Gull, identify challenges due to health care reform; maintaing occupancy rates; and adjusting to declining reimbursement rates.


In Senior Housing Development, Cash Is Still King — Developers may see senior housing as the golden ticket to long term prosperity, but experts at this year’s NIC conference warn that it takes more than a solid reputation and relationships — it takes cash to establish a foothold in this expanding industry. 

Ebola Scare Hits Senior Living: How to Keep Your Community Safe — Senior living recently made headlines when a Dallas senior living community quarantined two of its employees due to the scare of Ebola contraction. While only a scare, the threat of any communicable virus is especially serious in senior living as humans’ immune systems weaken with age. Providers can take proactive steps to ensure the safety of residents and staff, including by hosting information sessions, advises Willis Senior Living Practice Group, a division of insurance broker Willis of North America. 

To Lease or to Buy in Senior Living? Ask These 4 Questions — Owning versus leasing is not always a clear cut decision, but there are many questions long-term care owners large and small should ask in advance of transitioning into ownership from leasing, or vice versa. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages — including common misconceptions — of one’s next real estate move will help achieve the best outcome, said Jeffrey A. Davis, chairman and president of Cambridge Realty Capital Companies, during a recent webinar.


Written by Cassandra Dowell

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