1. I apologize in advance if this comment is double posted. The way your comment software functions, it's impossible to tell from this end.

    So, a $350 device that measures exactly ONE vital sign, heart rate, already more than adequately measured many other ways, is going to revolutionize senior care, is it? Seniors are suddenly going to adopt and use new technology that affords "ways to communicate"?

    This is without question the single most absurd reaction to the the not new not news to come out of the Cupertino Zoo, Apple's latest media event, yet. Maybe you shouldn't let fan boys write articles about technology that gives them digital woodies. Maybe your editor should should do their jobs and 86 nonsense like this before it's published. If your goal was to get attention, you've succeeded. In the worst possible way.

  2. As a Digital Marketing specialist, I give Senior Housing News big props for releasing this story around the press conference! With that being said, I think we can see many additional “A” players join the industry be utilizing this technology in their communities. It’s simple, easy, and offers a lot either for the resident or whomever decides to use it.

    One of the most importance things to a new resident moving into a community is how are they going to be able to communicate with loved ones. Families get busy and won’t always be able to visit them. But with this device will completely revamp that, giving a resident an opportunity to call (maybe video chat?) family or friends.

    Also, wearing a the Apple Watch looks much more appealing than wearing the “hospital” looking bands. This will make residents feel comfortable knowing they’re wearing the latest technology which helps them greatly and it looks good.

    Great story overall.

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