1. Unfortunately yet another report from AARP (and now Harvard) that exhibits little knowledge of senior housing.

    In the first case, a homeowner over 65 with enough wealth to cover 42 months of skilled nursing could live for 5-7 years in an assisted living community. That said, AARP (and now Harvard) has once again assumed those 65+ correlate to actual senior housing/skilled nursing residents – who average age 85+ at move-in. So we don't actually know how much savings individuals 85+ have in terms of options for senior housing.

    Finally, Henry Cisneros is the founder of a proprietary urban housing investment firm – with an interest in proving a need for more housing, yet unaware that memory care is best provided in assisted living vs. skilled nursing homes.

    So a report that once again did not involve professionals from the true senior housing arena, leaving consumers misinformed.

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