1. WOW, someone South of the border is very smart.

    As a licensed Realtor in Sonora Mexico I have been trying to locate this type of smart developers for over 15 years. I have such a project located on the Sea of Cortez and only 3.5 hr. drive for family to visit Mom & Dad.
    Yes this Puerto Penasco will soon be offering cruise ships so now would be the time.

  2. Seniors will not get medical help from Medicare and Medicaid since being out of USA.
    Also, Health Care system will not be 'up to date'.

  3. Healthcare and insurance in Mexico is very affordable and in Puerto Vallarta in particular, of very high quality. If they can afford $400 a year for insurance they will be covered.

  4. This would be great for Puerto Penasco seeing we are less than an hour drive the border.

  5. Pat, your points are well taken and must be considered. Mexico has a very good private pay health care system, especially in tourist communities and larger cities. The cost is a fraction of what you pay in US. Many Americans travel to Mexico for elective surgeries as the cost is so much more affordable. If you know you need a proceedure like hip replacement etc, just fly back to the US and Medicare will take care of you. If you are depending on Medicaid, you can't afford this type living anyway. I managed a US facility for over 3 years and this looks interesting to me. We saw so many folks who needed but could not afford our $$. Not for everyone, but I may do a "recon" vacation just to have a look.

  6. Come on Folks– this is nothing short of a marketing gimmick to get an old vacation property a wider reach !!
    Mexico can not even take care of their own elderly- most of that is expected of the family members. I also like to see how they are equipped with emergency call, falls and fractured hips and blaming the resort for uneven pavements that made them fall !! You think they can sue the resort or the operator ? Please get real – our nation of sue happy people will not last long down there !!!

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