Nursing Home CFOs See Biggest Salary Bump in 2014

Among professionals working in the nursing home arena, chief financial officers (CFOs) saw the largest salary raise among all other personnel, according to the latest wage data from Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS).

The 37th annual edition of the “Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report” published by HCS in cooperation with LeadingAge, and supported by the American Health Care Association, records the national trend of average salaries from 2,031 nursing homes across the U.S.—412 not-for-profit and 1,619 for-profit facilities.

Chief financial officers (CFOs), nursing supervisors and the assistant director of nurses were among the top positions that experienced the highest salary increases in 2014. 


On average, nursing Home CFOs saw their annual salaries in 2014 jump 2.97% to $129,958, whereas nursing supervisors’ (RN) salaries rose 2.82% to $64,699 and director of nurses grew 2.74% to $86,766.

Director of information services and nursing home administrator helped round out the top-5 jobs that saw the greatest salary bumps in 2014, rising 2.71% to $64,825 and 2.65% to $106,953, respectively. 

In a previous report, nursing home administrators saw their salaries, on average, increase 3.43% in 2013 to $96,625 from the previous year. 


This year’s report is the latest in a series of publications from HCS, which also tracks the average salaries and benefits of professionals in the assisted living and continuing care retirement community sectors. 

Written by Jason Oliva

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