New Tech Partnership Helps Senior Housing Offer At-Home Care

A growing number of seniors are looking to age in place and receive services at home, which will require senior housing providers to offer expanded services.

Partnerships between senior care technology developers will help providers offer these at-home services by creating integrated tech solutions. Two companies who have recently done so are AOD Software and Stratis Business Systems, Inc.

AOD Software, which offers tech services to senior care providers, has recently announced its acquisition of Stratis, a leader in home health and home care cloud-based software. By combining these two technology providers, AOD and Stratis are now well-positioned to address a growing need for a combined senior care and home care solution.


“As senior living facilities continue to provide more care outside their facility walls, it will be critical that they have solutions that work seamlessly together in each care setting,” says Aric Agmon, president and CEO of AOD. “We are certain that the experience and expertise each organization brings, along with their shared culture of client service and innovation, will enhance our solutions that are well-aligned for this growing need.”

By 2019, home health spending is expected to grow 80%, with the pending retirement of the baby boomer population as one of the factors contributing to the increasing demand for at-home and senior care, according to a 2013 Harris Williams & Co. study.

Newly acquired Stratis has partnered with more than 300 established home care companies to deliver solutions for all lines of home care.


“This milestone marks a game-changing move in Stratis’ company history, the senior care and home health markets,” says Joe Kraus, founder and president of Stratis, in a written statement. “By expanding resources through AOD and leveraging their industry expertise, Stratis will accelerate its growth in a market that is rapidly expanding into home care operations.”

The combined tech providers will result in one of the largest health care IT companies focused on seniors. It will employ more than 200 professionals and serve more than 3,000 senior care and home care sites.

Written by Emily Study

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