1. Sometimes, There's Not an Easy Solution

    The SHN headline reads: "Developers See Opportunity as Old Nursing Homes Become Obsolete."

    The informative story by @CassandraDowell discusses how developers are building new nursing homes because the old nursing homes dated buildings and structural designs can't compete with a new building's private bathrooms and internet & healthcare technology.

    Opportunity for developers, yes. What about the owners & operators of the older nursing homes?

    For family-owned nursing homes with older buildings, potential options are to a) make multi-million dollar upgrades to their existing facilities, b) build a new building themselves, c) keep operating as-is and hope for the best or d) consider whether it's time to cash-out and let somebody else make those multi-million dollar upgrades to their facility.

    Chris Foley
    Sr. Vice President – Equity Seniors Housing Advisors