LTC Insurance Group Seeks Assisted Living Partner for Advocacy Campaign

A national advocacy organization is looking to partner with an assisted living provider to raise awareness for the importance of planning for long-term care services.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is currently seeking an national assisted living organization interested in creating heightened awareness for the use of long-term care insurance to pay for the qualifying costs of residing in a senior living community.

“A partner will enable us to create the same level of understanding of the many benefits of assisted living community residency for those who are aging and may or may nor have a need for long-term care,” said Jesse Slome, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Association.


The “hundreds of thousands” of consumers visiting the Association’s website each year alone provides a vast opportunity to educate, added Slome, who is spearheading a development campaign to partner with a leading assisted living organization or national provider of such communities.

“Americans mistakenly associate long-term care with nursing home care and that’s clearly something that needs to be addressed,” Slome stated. “The majority of long-term care today takes place outside of a nursing home environment.” 

Written by Jason Oliva