ALFA President Rick Grimes Announces Retirement

Rick Grimes, president and CEO of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), today announced he will retire from the national senior living trade association after a decade of service.

The announcement arrives a month following ALFA’s Annual Conference & Expo held in Phoenix, Arizona—the association’s largest yet—and a year after its most successful year in 2013, ALFA stated in a release. 

“It has been a glorious 10 years  and a privilege to serve the senior living business, and ALFA is well-positioned to continue on its trajectory of growth and success,” stated Grimes.


Though an immediate successor to Grimes has yet to be named, ALFA has retained an “executive search” firm to assist in recruiting a replacement head to lead the group.

ALFA credits Grimes with sharpening the association’s focus and setting it on a “purposeful path of renewal,” following growing pains experienced by the group in 2003, where an internal audit revealed challenges within its business model and value proposition as an advocate and voice for the assisted living industry. 

“The job of the association professional is to tap the passion and determination of people who share common purpose and to channel that energy into a force for innovation and change,” stated Grimes. “However, what comes next should make my tenure pale in comparison.” 


Grimes’ retirement arrives at a time when ALFA is working to prepare for the senior living industry of the future, one that includes not just assisted living, but independent living and memory care as well, stated Brenda Bacon, chairman of ALFA’s board of directors.

“Thanks to Rick, ALFA has the infrastructure, the professional staff, and the financial strength to make that leap,” she stated. “We all owe a debt of gratitude to Rick and we wish him good fortune and good health in his retirement.”

Written by Jason Oliva