High Speed Internet is Top Investment for Senior Living Providers

More senior living organizations are investing in resident access to the Internet and social networking sites, as well as wireless and high-speed Internet, a Ziegler survey shows.  

Since 2012, the percentage of organizations investing in access to the Internet and social networking sites has doubled: Nearly 74% of the chief financial officers surveyed reported that their organizations have invested in this area in the past 12 months, compared with about 36% two years ago, according to results from the Ziegler CFO Hotline Technology Spending survey. 

Alternatively, only about 17% of organizations have invested in physical exercise and rehabilitation technologies in the past year and roughly 19% of organizations have invested in automatic fall detectors. 


The percentage of organizations investing in ICT infrastructure such as wireless and high-speed Internet connectivity slightly decreased from 2012, but 86% of providers still reported that they invested in this area of technology in the past year. 

Results from the survey also suggest increased spending in these areas in the year ahead compared to the past 12 months. Nearly 55% of the organizations surveyed expect to invest or increase their investment in access to the Internet and social media, while about 73% still plan to invest in ICT infrastructure in the next 12 months. 

At least half of the 130 provider organizations who participated in the survey invested in the following technologies in the past year: electronic point of care/point of service technologies, electronic health and medical records, access control and wander management systems, user-activated emergency response systems and resident and client access to the Internet. 


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Written by Emily Study

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