Most Popular News of the Week: Ventas Announces $3.5 Billion in Deals

In case you missed them, here are the top headlines grabbing SHN readers’ attentions this week:

Ventas to Acquire ARC Healthcare REIT in $2.6 Billion Deal In acquisition news, Ventas announced it is acquiring American Realty Capital Healthcare REIT, a deal that makes it the sixth largest real estate investment trust in the country. 

Holiday Retirement Sells Canadian Portfolio to Ventas for $900 Million Holiday Retirement sold 29 Canadian communities to Ventas. The communities comprise all of Holiday’s properties in Canada and will transition to management under Atria after the deal closes. 


CCRCs ‘Without Walls’ to Surge, Adding New Opportunity Continuing care at home (CCaH) programs are expected to double in number throughout the country by the end of 2015, according to recent findings by specialty investment bank Ziegler. CCRCs are seeing the “without walls” concept as a differentiator when it comes to competition. 

Health Care REIT CEO: Not Interested in Overpaying for Mediocre Assets Amid rumors of a recent bidding war, Health Care REIT, Inc. CEO Tom DeRosa told SNL Blogs that the company’s interest in acquiring Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II has been exaggerated. 

New York Times: Aging Population Seeking More Than ‘Geezer Ghetto’ Seniors aren’t looking for a quaint community along the Sun Belt anymore; they want housing that offers outdoor activities and space to work from home, the New York Times reports. 


Written by Emily Study

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