New Senior Care Company Launches Ad Campaign During Indy 500

A new company that checks on seniors living in private residences and senior living facilities to make sure they’re doing well got huge exposure this past week by running its new ad campaign during the annual Indianapolis 500. 

Penrose Senior Care Auditors, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, used the Indy 500 as an opportunity to gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of racing fans and spread the word about a new-to-market service: senior care audits. 

The company uses a 150-point, seven factor audit that covers cleanliness/clutter, odor, caretakers/support, operations/maintenance, supplies, senior observations, and custom areas to create a custom report for seniors’ adult children.


Penrose Senior Care Auditors’ 15-second ad is part of a campaign that asks ‘How’s your mom doing? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.’ It was scheduled to be shown 144 times on the Jumbotron throughout the race weekend—four times every hour from May 23-25. 

“Baby boomers worry about their aging parents and whether they are doing okay. And, if they’ve hired caretakers or support, they wonder if their loved-one is receiving the services they’re paying for,” said Rhonda Harper, CEO of Penrose Senior Care Auditors, in a statement. “Our auditors serve clients nationwide. They visit the senior and conduct a 150-point audit on their handheld, which is uploaded to our online report center. Clients can then log-in and see how their loved one is doing.”

The ad campaign features statistics relevant to baby boomers who are caring for or concerned about their aging loved ones, such as half of all caregivers admitting to abusing patients in their care and one-third of all senior care communities having citations for abuse violations.


Penrose Senior Care Auditors uses non-contractor employees who are screened and drug tested to conduct the audits. The company charges $75 for each visit and uploads information to its online report center for clients to access. 

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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