Top 5 Posts of the Week: Flex Rooms in Senior Living, Big 3 REIT Merger Buzz

In case you missed it… here are the top five stories grabbing Senior Housing News reader attention this week:

Developer Uses “Flex Rooms” to Convert Assisted Living to Memory Care—Dallas-based senior housing architectural firm three: Living Architecture is building with the future in mind by designing “flex rooms,” a concept that allows providers to convert units as residents’ needs change.

Five Reasons Healthcare Reform Can’t Ignore Assisted Living—From care needs rising to hospitals entering the senior care conversation, SHN looked at the top five reasons health care reform can’t ignore assisted living. 


Big 3 REIT Merger: Now’s the Time to Strike—In a conversation prompted by comments made to Bloomberg News, analysts and industry experts say if there’s going to be consolidation among the Big Three in health care REITs, now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot. 

Majority of Baby Boomers Plan to Move for Retirement—Contrary to the often-reported aging-in-place movement, a recent survey of 1,000 baby boomers found the majority are planning to move in retirement. 

Technology’s Role in the Top Senior Housing Trends—In a guest column by Healthsense co-founder Bryan Fuhr, Fuhr takes on the Top 10 trends in senior housing for 2014 from the standpoint of technology. From branding to margins, he says, tech is going to play a major role. 


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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