Adaptable House Alters Design for Aging Residents

An experimental home employs chameleon-like design features that can accommodate the various life stages of its inhabitants, from children to aging adults.

The Adaptable House from Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects was conceived to meet a range of lifestyle changes, from having children to aging in retirement, notes an article from Gizmag.

The home allows its residents to manipulate interior walls to create new rooms, open floor plans, as well as enhancing accessibility for older inhabitants. 

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“For a growing family, bedrooms can be easily added or enlarged; when children leave home, spare rooms might be converted for other uses,” the article says. “There are also planned schemes for working from home, taking in boarders and aging inhabitants (for whom the garden decks and planters could be made step-free.”

Using sliding partitions and moveable storage walls, as well as extension modules and “a puzzle of garden components,” the Adaptable House can cater to the various accommodations of an intergenerational household, especially for older inhabitants. 

“On the ground floor, the house can be extended beneath the first-floor overhangs. The upper floor can also be extended by enclosing the terraces,” the article writes. “Decking around the house creates accessible garden spaces, which can be maximized for older or retired residents.”

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So far, the Adaptable House has only been developed on the Danish island of Fyn and is one of six “experimental houses” gaining attention from builders and real estate developers interested in this innovative type of design such as GXN and Realdania Byg.

Read the Gizmag article.

Written by Jason Oliva

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