Brookdale Live Chat, Digital Marketing Sees Big Interest From Senior Living Shoppers

Following the launch of a new branding campaign in 2013 and reports of positive results seen in the second half of last year, Brookdale Senior Living is continuing its digital branding efforts, and says they’re paying off.

A newer product of the branding campaign rolled out in August was the launch of live chat—the ability for online visitors to Brookdale’s website to chat live with a Brookdale call center representative.

In roughly six months, Brookdale has counted 10,000 live chats to date.


“We’re pleased with that response and pleased at the way the program is supporting our broader strategy,” says Will Clark, senior vice president of strategy and brand. “We’ve had conversations through this program with a variety of prospects.”

While Brookdale remains mum on the details of the types of questions and conversations that come up during live chat, Clark says much of the rollout had to do with the type of shopper that is commonly looking for senior living solutions: the adult child.

“We added live chat to our marketing efforts because we recognize that a large percentage of the initial contacts about our communities come from the adult influencer, who we know is often a woman who is working a full time job and is in the age range of 48-55,” he says.


In addition to live chat, which is managed through a call center, the company is building its brand strategy both as it relates to customers and prospective customers as well as residents and employees.

“Areas of growth for the brand and marketing initiatives include continued growth in referrals from residents and family members, and professional referrals,” Clark says. “We are continuing our focus on our digital platform, where more and more consumers are spending time looking for solutions and information.”

Further, he said, that extends to Brookdale’s employee base.

In addition to the efforts the company has under way in its national media campaign, Brookdale is also focused internally, which it says is a second prong to the overall approach.

“Another critical area is continuing to activate the brand internally with our associates. We recognize that it is possible to activate a brand externally with a terrific advertising campaign that conveys and communicates the brand promise. But we then have to deliver on that brand promise consistently or we risk losing credibility and brand loyalty,” Clark says. “So, we are continuing a focus on internal brand activation, so all associates understand the brand behaviors and deliver on the brand promise consistently, each and every day.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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