10 Questions For: Seth Garber, Bild & Company CEO

Seth Garber

Senior living training and consulting mainstay Bild & Co. has a new chief executive. Working with company founder Traci Bild and the firm’s several dozen employees, sales guru Seth Garber shifted roles within the company late last year, and says he has big things on his to-do list in senior living.

We sat down with Seth to talk about the perks and potential of the business…and why it’s never prudent to valet a Ferrari.


My first car was… Mustang Cobra Convertible!

Craziest thing I’ve ever done…My first year in college, I worked as a valet on the weekends. My roommates and I took two Ferraris on joy rides while their owners were at the event. When we pulled up they were standing outside! Fortunately we didn’t wreck them!

If I could meet anyone past or present it would be… I would really like to have met Howard Hughes.


Every morning I….wake up around 4:30 am, drink an energy drink and make fresh juice! The little things in life!

My first job was…  a stock person at Blockbuster Video.

The best purchase I’ve ever made was… my wife’s engagement ring!!

The biggest challenge in the senior housing industry is…. proper positioning for the changes under healthcare reform. Understanding that the future of an organization’s success is based not only on being great operators, creating high level sales organizations but also who are your partners in the Total Cost Of Care World.

In addition, how does a company at the community level position themselves as a partner within the integrated network and what are the steps to take today to ensure the success in the future?

The future of senior housing is ….  a highly competitive marketplace, with the primary drivers being the payers and the organizations that are or have developed the integrated networks today. The networks will control a majority of the future successes and failures within the industry. Companies who focus on not only great prospect outreach but also outreach to these drivers today will succeed as partners in the future.

The best thing about senior housing is … the ability to increase and extend the quality of life for people.

People should seek a career in senior housing because…it gives someone the opportunity to truly impact the lives of others on a day to day basis.

I entered this industry because… I felt like I could truly create an unlimited amount of opportunities for other people.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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