Status Solutions Brings Senior Care Tech to Tablet Kiosk Provider

One senior care tech provider is broadening its scope through a new partnership with a tablet kiosk maker that will allow its technology to be accessed in and throughout senior care communities nationwide.

Status Solutions, maker of situational awareness technology CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere), has partnered with tablet kiosk provider ArmorActive to make CATIE available through the tablet provider’s tamper-resistent hardware.

The platform operates as an in-room communication portal as well as a way for residents to communicate with one another, and through the new partnership is available via ArmorActive’s kiosks that can be placed throughout a senior living community for access among residents.


“We’re really touched by the goal behind CATIE to make sure this generation [of seniors] doesn’t get skipped,” said Scott Paul, ArmorActive’s founder and CEO. “Status Solutions is at the forefront, taking a beautiful consumer device in the iPad and making it valuable to an industry and a demographic that really needs it.

Oxford Grand, in Wichita, Kansas has already implemented CATIE in ArmorActive kiosks in resident units and as self-service kiosks.

“CATIE creates a synergy within the community as a means for residents to communicate among themselves, sharing pictures and news about community activities, menus and more. Meanwhile, the iPad platform helps bridge a generation gap between our residents and their grandchildren, allowing them access to a world where pictures and videos can be shared in an instant,” said Jason Wiley, Oxford Senior Living co-founder and executive vice president for operations.


CATIE offers communication and self-service as well as intercom, electronic bulletin, message center and concierge services. Communities can customize the platform with community-specific tools and information for residents, from receiving emails and photos to accessing dinner menus and activities reservations.

“We want to see CATIE take hold because society needs this sort of technology, plus the multitude of efficiencies the solution creates for individual users and the communities themselves are just incredible,” ArmorActive’s Paul said. “Our missions really meld when it comes to making touch technology more pronounced within the enterprise.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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