Chart of the Day: 2013 Tally Shows Record Number of Seniors Housing Transactions

Despite smaller transactions by dollar amount on average, 2013 showed a greater number of senior housing transactions than ever before, according to data compiled by NIC-MAP.

The total dollar count for 2013, at #14.6 billion “pales in comparison” to the industry’s 2011 total of $27.4 billion, yet NIC points to the transaction count as marking the greatest level of activity to date.

Non-portfolio and portfolio transactions totaled 386 during the year versus 311 in 2011 and 357 in 2012. The pace has been on an upward swing since bottoming in 2009 .


“In terms of the number of deals, more transactions in the sector occurred in 2013 than any recent year,” NIC wrote of the tally.


Source: NIC MAP.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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