Send Us Your Senior Housing Predictions for 2014

How is the senior living sector shaping up this year? We’re seeking input from our readers as to where they see the industry headed in 2014.

The past year brought a slew of acquisitions both large and small. Financing loosened somewhat, but not to pre-recession levels, and construction began to thaw post-housing crisis.

What do you predict will set the market apart in 2014? 


If you’re interested in sharing your outlook, please email us with responses to the following questions totaling no more than 200 words:

  • How do you see the senior living market shifting in 2014 and where will the biggest changes be felt versus 2013? Why?
  • Will new development activity be on pace with, behind, or ahead of where it was in 2013?
  • Have another prediction about the coming year for senior housing? Tell us what you think.

Email your name, company, title and predictions to Submission deadline is end of day Friday, January 24.