USA Today: Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Home Health Care

With home care aides projected to be one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country, a USA Today article offers several need to know tips to consider before hiring the services of this vast workforce.

Hiring home care workers requires considerable thought in terms of what services are needed, affording this type of care as well as knowing where to look for the best hires.

A common misconception when hiring home care aides relates to the level of services they provide, or the level of care needed by an individual, according to the article written by Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Weekly.


“Licensed home health aids provide hands-on personal care, but not medical care, in the home—activities such as bathing and dressing,” Powell writes. “If all you need is help with cooking and running errands, you might be better off hiring homemaker services, also referred to as personal care assistants or companions.”

Hiring from an agency that has at least five years of experience and also meets all of the state’s licensing laws is another factor to consider, as aides from these agencies might be better equipped to provide care for someone with memory or behavioral issues, Powell adds. 

Paying for home health care services is another area to consider, the costs of these services vary from state to state.


In Florida, these services can range between $12 to $28 per hour, while in California they can range anywhere from $16 to $30, according to Genworth 2013 survey data referenced in the article.

Even with the adequate funds to afford home health services, those looking to hire aides should hire from an agency that employs professional staff to manage the in-home care workers to ensure greater coordination.

Read the USA Today article.

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Written by Jason Oliva