Chart of the Day: Where Does Assisted Living Have the Biggest Presence?

The assisted living industry has its largest presence in the West, according to a new report on the nation’s long-term care providers that examines the geographic distribution of the five main types of long-term care services.

Assisted living is the only long-term care segment whose majority presence is not in the South, which has the largest share of adult day services centers, home health agencies, hospices, and nursing homes, says the Centers for Disease Control Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics in the report. 

Nearly half (48.3%) of home health agencies, 42% of hospice providers, 32% of adult day care centers, and 35% of nursing homes are located in the South. And while a significant number (nearly 31%) of assisted living providers are in the South, a higher percentage—36.4%—are in the West. 



By 2012, there were approximately 58,500 long-term care providers in the United States. Of those, about 38% were assisted living communities; nearly 27% were nursing homes; almost 21% were home health agencies; 8.2% were adult day services centers; and 6.3% were hospices.

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Written by Alyssa Gerace