Top Holiday Gifts for Senior Living Execs

‘Tis the season for gift-giving, and senior housing is no exception. The editors at SHN have compiled a holiday gift guide with the senior living executive in mind. From tech, to travel, for the office and on the go, here’s the latest in gear and gadgets that will make any senior living executive’s busy world just that much easier heading into 2014.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch


You can’t use this snazzy watch to make phone calls, but it does much more than just tell the time. The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch functions as a smartphone accessory thanks to bluetooth and sends email, phone call, and text message alerts. This particular model has a solid four-star Amazon rating and is compatible with Galaxy smartphones. Samsung via Amazon.comRetails for under $300.

Time Zone Clock

Do you know an executive who has trouble keeping track of business partners or senior living communities in different time zones (and pens)? Problem solved with this time zone clock, which can be customized to show the time in three cities of your choosing and also holds two pens.$129.95.


Wine of the Month Club

Some executives just don’t have time to research good wines, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to relax occasionally with a smooth cabernet or fruity sauv-blanc. This gift eliminates all the work: all you have to do is decide which wine club series to get your executive, and then sit back as it’s delivered right to their door (or office, as the case may be…). Ranges between $21.95 to $65.95/month.

Five-Port, All-in-One Battery Charger

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This compact, extremely portable device has five ports designed to charge most iPhones, iPads, Kindle, Samsung Tablets, and multiple Android devices. The charger plugs into the wall, has voltage levels ideal for international travel, and can charge multiple devices at once. Perfect for any executive who has to be constantly accessible—and fully charged—via Blackberry, iPhone, iPad/Tablet, etc., etc. Anker via $19.99.

Wireless Keyboard

Plenty of busy executives love the mobility and portability of their iPhones, iPads, and Tablets, but tapping screens rather than typing is not as universally enjoyable. This wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth and plugs into devices to give executives the gift of tactile typing action anywhere, anytime. The keyboard is lightweight, flexible, and compatible with iPads, iPhones, and all Bluetooth-enabled tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. BESTEK via $17.99.

iPad Dodocase

This American-made, handcrafted iPad case functions as protection for your iPad or iPad mini, but it’s made from the same materials used in book bindings. When you pack it up to take it on the go, its leather exterior equips it for the desk or board room since you can close it up and stack it like a book or portfolio. San Francisco-based Dodocase also takes orders for corporate branding in case you want to regive the gift of Dodo ensigned with your company logo or brand. Dodocase.comClassic case starts at $59.95. 

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This tiny portable speaker is small enough to fit in your carry on bag, but its sound is big enough to hook up with your presentation before a full house. The mini speaker connects wirelessly with any of your bluetooth-enabled devices for music or any other sound on-the-go, from synching with your PowerPoint presentation to streaming Pandora. Its portability factor is high, and a full charge gives up to seven hours of play time.$199.95. 

Home Acupressure Mat

Don’t stress. The Acupressure Mat set from Nayoya Wellness might be able to provide similar relief you would receive from an acupuncture session, except without the unnerving presence of so many needles. The set comes equipped with both a neck pillow and a back pad outfitted with 1,782 and 6,210 acupressure points. While that might sound like a lot of tension, the Acupressure set has garnered critical praise for its alleviating qualities in publications like USA Today and Health Magazine. The parts can also be used separately either as a single pillow to lie down on, or as a mat to drape over an office chair all for under $40. Nayoya Wellness via

Noise Canceling Headphones

For the executive who’s no stranger to air travel, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can help quiet the loud drone of a jet engine to provide better sound quality when listening to music, watching videos or even blocking out excess noise during those hours-long flights. While the market for these headphones is filled with a number of companies, two that stand out above the rest are models from Sennheiser and Bose’s QuietComfort. Depending on the model, prices can range up to $350 for a pair. Available at and