STANLEY Grows Senior Care Monitoring Tech Base with New Rollout

STANLEY Healthcare has increased its technology presence in senior living this week with the new rollout of a Wi-Fi enabled call system that tracks resident information both within and outside of a community’s walls.

Light of Hearts Villa in Bedford, OH, announced Wednesday that it has deployed STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Wi-Fi Emergency Call Solution to help drive safety, security and operational efficiencies among its residents and staff.

The solution enables residents to call for assistance not only from any location within the community’s three-story structure, but also from the outside grounds that surround the 90-unit Light of Hearts Villa.


Situated on 35 acres, Light of Hearts Villa is adjacent to the Cleveland Metroparks, a nature system sprawling with extensive forestry, rivers and creeks within the greater Cleveland area that has earned the nickname “The Emerald Necklace”—a location that invites residents to stroll the nearby community’s grounds, says Betty Hickle, executive director of Light of Hearts Villa.

“We needed technology that would make sure our residents are safe and could call for a nurse no matter where they are on the grounds or inside the building,” Hickle says. “STANLEY Healthcare was the only vendor willing and able to utilize our existing Wi-Fi routers within the complex, whereas others wanted to put in a second system on top of the one we already have.”

Since the AeroScout functions via a secure Wi-Fi connection, it only operates within a certain radius of the community’s exterior landscape.


As the first senior living community in the state of Ohio to utilize this type of technology solution, Light of Hearts Villa has deployed 80 monitors to its all of its residents. Although the wearable AeroScout pendants come at no additional cost to residents, the community anticipates savings will materialize in terms of staff efficiency and episodes where a resident might need to yank on a pull cord.

“STANLEY’s technology has not only led to a reduction in the number of pull cord episodes we’ve had, but our staff has also been able to achieve average response times of under three minutes,” Hickle says. “The tech also documents and sends daily reports that we can view to look at response times and see what happens when a resident leaves the building.”

The potential to be used in developing tailored resident care plans is what sets STANLEY’s AeroScout technology apart from other Wi-Fi enabled personal emergency response systems, says Steve Elder, marketing manager for security & protection with STANLEY Healthcare.

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“The system can capture data about a resident’s activity, allowing senior living staff to see if certain patterns are emerging,” Elder says. “Activity, like an increasing number of calls or even the times when calls are placed, can be clues in the changing needs of a resident.”

These data metrics are recorded throughout a 24-hour day time period, at the end of which STANLEY sends Light of Hearts Villa an email report about what has been happening to its residents on a daily basis.

“Since the report tells us what’s happening in our community everyday, it has stepped up our responsibility to be responsive to our residents,” says Hickle.

While Light of Hearts Villa might be the only senior living community in Ohio to adopt and deploy this type of technology, it is just one part of STANLEY’s reach into technology-driven senior living security solutions.

The company has also rolled out its wireless solution to Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation community located in San Francisco, as well as north of the border to Wales Home, a senior living community in Quebec that offers a full continuum of care services for its more than 200 residents.

Currently, the company’s technologies are in approximately 12,000 senior living facilities around the world, though mostly in North America, says Elder.

“We have relationships with an incredible number of senior living communities,” he says. “Our focus is on safety and security, and we want to continue to be a market leader in this area.”

Written by Jason Oliva

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