Aging2.0 Launches New Program Investing in Long-Term Care Innovators

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A newly-launched program is bringing together 11 innovative companies who have been tasked with re-imagining the future of aging and long-term care. Aging2.0, a global organization with a goal of accelerating innovation in aging, announced the first members of its new GENerator founders program, based out of the Institute on Aging in San Francisco.

This is the world’s first founders program with a 50-plus demographic focus, according to Aging2.0. Entrepreneurs are provided with access to older adults, mentors, distribution channels, and investors, while companies in the program are supposed to address a wide range of opportunities in the 50+ market, including solutions designed to enhance independence, boost social connectivity, empower family caregivers, and improve care coordination.


“The GENerator companies are harnessing the latest technology trends and unprecedented demographics to create new multibillion-dollar markets,” said Katy Fike, PhD, co-founder of Aging2.0, in a statement. “They are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as ambient sensors, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and intuitive mobile interfaces to deliver smarter solutions to the burgeoning market of seniors, caregivers and long-term care providers.”

Aging2.0 selected 11 companies to launch the founders program after a two-year process that included meeting with more than 1,000 companies and hosting 30 events in 10 cities around the world.

The first cohort of innovators are BrainAid, CareLinx, CareSolver, Life2, Lift Hero, My Grove, OpenPlacement, Sabi, Tapestry, TrueLink and Lively. The companies’ products and solutions range from smartphone applications designed for those with cognitive impairments to matching professional in-home caregivers to those in need via an online marketplace.


“As an investor strategically aligned with a large health services organization with a vested interest in serving the needs of seniors and their families, we are excited about the launch of the GENerator and to see the breadth of innovative companies working to improve quality of life and quality of care in later life,” said Tom Rodgers, director of strategic investments at Cambia Health Solutions. “The GENerator fills an important gap in the startup ecosystem and provides entrepreneurs with unique access to the older adults, caregivers and long term care providers.”

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Written by Alyssa Gerace