1. Yes, well sending an email to a 93 year-old resident doesn't sound too smart to me. Whatever happened to snailmail? These people are not in the generation where they use computers much. If they want to get a response skewed by age then this is the way to do it. Elderly people have been warned not to respond to telephone calls asking for personal information so good luck there. Plus my mother, who lives in an Emeritus home has no patience with staying on the phone for a survey. Send her the paper version and she will respond. Drop it off at the desk on the way to the dining room. Easy.

  2. I recently moved my mother from an Emeritus facility because I was concerned for her well-being. Why would Emeritus listen or respond to email when they didn't respond to me or my mother when the comments were in person, writing and through their Ethics First system?

    I have nothing laudable to say about the management. The caregivers and med techs did their best under untenable conditions. If you're wondering if I shared all this with management, I did.