1. This is amusing. Any successful marketing person in senior housing knows this – it is not breaking news.

  2. Successful Internet marketing is based upon personas…the target audience. That means the primary audience in many cases is the adult children. We have added customized blogs to our clients websites for several years all with the strategy of developing an email data base, and then nurturing those leads. I agree this isn't new news….however the senior care and living industry is slow to adapt and see the Internet as a viable lead generation source and invest their resources in it. Kudos to Asbury. Patty Cisco, CISCO & CO

  3. While marketing to adult children isn't a novel idea, this article brings out some valuable ideas about developing content that really resonates with the adult child as the prime mover in the decision process. They need a lot of hard information delivered up to make a difficult choice less difficult. Asbury's move in rate targeting adult children is impressive. A very useful article. Bill Pemberton, Forte Group, Inc.