Stanley Healthcare Makes New Investment in Senior Care Tech Development

Stanley Healthcare and digital health solutions provider BAM Labs have partnered to form a joint integration and distribution agreement for technology aimed at reducing pressure ulcers and falls among senior living residents.

The new Stanley Healthcare Patient Safety Monitoring solution leverages BAM Labs’ non-invasive sensor pad that is placed under mattresses and can provide caregivers with timely trending information via a computer or mobile device.

The technology improves staff efficiency and can also enable individualized care planning and proactive interventions, as the sensors can capture information about bed exits, position changes, sleep patterns, and other vital sign trends. 


“It was a really nice fit,” says Mark Bisson, Global Solutions Manager, Stanley of the new, “highly collaborative” partnership. “BAM Labs has a product we’ll be integrating in a unique way to ours and adding it to our services and support. The next step will be to integrate the data into our global software platform, MobileView. …we want [the ability to] turn data into meaningful information.”

Stanley Healthcare products are present in around 12,000 long-term care and senior living facilities, and the company will now work with its distribution partners to offer the technology to those and other acute and senior care providers throughout North America. Stanley Healthcare is rebranding the technology, which will be powered by BAM Labs, with plans to integrate its other senior living offerings. 

“It’s opening up possibilities for what the solution can do,” says Steve Elder, senior marketing manager at Stanley. “We see value in this technology, and we know we have parts of our solution and our market presence that opens up new possibilities for the solution.” 


Falls are a $52 billion problem in the long-term care industry, according to some estimates; the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the direct medical costs of falls to be $30 billion in 2010.

BAM Labs’ technology takes a proactive approach to detecting trends indicating a fall could happen by collecting and storing data, said sales and marketing representatives during the second annual LTC LINKTank competition, part of the LTC & LINK Annual Conference held in July. However, at the competition, judges questioned the company’s strategy and ability to distribute its product and collaborate with other complementary platforms. 

“We are thrilled to partner with STANLEY Healthcare, a world-class brand focused on transforming patient care, and the industry leader in several categories, including fall management,” said Richard Rifredi, co-founder and CEO of BAM Labs, in a statement. “BAM Labs’ ability to affordably turn any bed into a ‘smart bed’ with our innovative touch-free biometric sensor and cloud platform is the logical evolutionary step for improved fall management and reduced incidence of pressure ulcers for STANLEY Healthcare’s loyal customers.”

While Stanley Healthcare declined to disclose the financials of the deal, BAM Labs has no plans to seek out other partners at this time, said Michael Hanson, vice president of business development.

“We see the partnership as a very long-term opportunity to go after the market together,” he said.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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