1. Co-operative housing is a great concept for Senior housing. Everything is taken care of, from the flooring. to the walls to the appliances. Seniors don't have to worry about any maintenance. The biggest problem with Co-op senior housing is getting financing. There are very few lenders that will carry paper on Co-ops.

    Nick on Real Estate

  2. With all of its successes in this area, it is too bad that HUD is closing the Minneapolis HUD multifamily office. Few of the employees here are willing to relocate to Chicago or Detroit, and much of this co-op development knowledge will be lost to HUD.

  3. The Senior Co-op Foundation must stop its erroneous assertion that there are 103 senior housing co-ops in the US, unless the US is only Iowa, MN and WI. How about Michigan, where there are 40 or so low income senior housing co-ops. There are hundreds of senior housing co-ops in South Florida done in the 1950s. And in California, three mega developments from the 1960s account for about 15,000 units.

  4. When I read your story, and many others in the news, I can't help but think about the hundreds of seniors in cohousing communities across North America and the incredible support they constantly receive from their neighbors. The concepts of cohousing are readily available to accommodate the needs for senior affordable housing as they've had the needs of seniors in the over 50 senior cohousing communities – many with affordable units – that we have designed in the United States in the last 30 years.

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