Emeritus Introduces “BluesBusters” Home Visits Campaign

Over the course of the next six weeks, Emeritus Senior Living (NYSE: ESC) will be offering its staff to seniors in their homes to conduct free emotional wellness checks as well as offer depression-fighting tools and resources. 

Through its fleet of “BluesBusters,” staffed across its 510 communities, the senior living provider is targeting the fall and winter season, during which depression levels may rise due to environmental factors, to conduct its new outreach. 

“From experience, we know that for seniors, this time of year can be a trigger,” said Budgie Amparo, Executive Vice President of Quality Services for Emeritus Senior Living in a company press release. “Increased hours of darkness can lower their spirits. On top of that, they may be thinking about how the inability to travel will keep them from spending the holidays with family. For those who have lost spouses or others dear to them, they might be worrying about getting through seasonal festivities without their loved ones at their side.”


Under the new initiative, which runs through November 22, seniors will also be invited to local Emeritus communities for a series of up to six activities such as exercise and art classes, concerts, parties and dining opportunities.

Home visits are not new to Emeritus, which counts more than 70,000 visits that have been conducted among its 500-plus communities, though the BluesBusters campaign is a first-time event. 

“Through this philosophy, we strive to do all we can to ensure that seniors are living in safe, meaningful environments, whether they reside at Emeritus, in their long-time homes, or somewhere else,” Amparo said. 


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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