1. I'm not sure how this is new? The dining experience has always been their main focus of many resident's days. The strategy to harmonize the delivery, eg providing fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables is easier for the smaller, less top-heavy organizations. I guess I agree, just not surprised –

  2. I could definitely see dining services being a crucial part of senior living choices. I was in my grandfather's hospice this weekend and although I did not see the menu, I saw my mother's face as she was looking at it. You could say she was less than thrilled with the selection.

  3. Anyone worth their salt in the Senior Business knows that the Olfactory Senses go first.
    This means that things don't smell and taste the same and it takes more effort to make a meal appetizing! Add that to the medications that clients take with other texture and physical difficulties including inability to cut food, chew and swallow, drink and sit at the table, then you have to carry on a conversation with other folks who are a constant reminder of your inabilities to be as independent as you used to be…….. its a challenge! Food gets the wrap for alot of other issues in the big picture but its the one thing that you CAN change!

  4. The issue my skilled nursing facility faces is that we have residents aged 40s and up, so we deal with a lot of generation gap issues related to food. The past 2 years we have worked on flavor, which I find the food tastes much better. The problem we now face is food image; how it looks and offering more selection seems to be focus at this time. Limited with only one dining room and regulations which continue to institutionalize the dining experience, I am struggling to find ways to improve our food reputation. We are working on offering food samples to staff and family members as well as presenting our menus with our daily substitutes, to appear like we are offering more selection. Your idea of promoting the local and fresh produce is a great idea for us-I have been omitting pre-packaged and canned foods as much as possible