1. They seem to have the right idea about residential universal design. In institutional care, there are more constraints due to design restrictions and requirements. But in general purpose housing we can really make a UD home truly appealing and marketable to a wide range of homeowners. We are introducing Better Living Design with that goal.

  2. Wow, is this back to the future or what? These architects are just now "de-institutionalizing" their designs? Where have they been the last 15-20 years? Perhaps it's their clients who are just beginning to address person-centered care, but shouldn't they be leading their clients in that direction? Reactionary architects are doomed to simply put on paper what their clients want and not really have the residents quality of life worked into their designs.

  3. A trend towards a less clinical nursing home is a great idea! No one wants to spend the last days of their life feeling like they are stuck in an institute. This may help with the individuals being visited more by family members who fear those homes, and this too will help with the quality of life for our family/friends. Of course, that last part is pure speculation…

  4. A universal design is definitely a step in the right direction. Whilst including all the stake holders for the universal design for SNF, a broader spectrum of ideas can inherit a more accessible approach.

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