Holiday Settles With Justice Department Over Deceptive Veterans Marketing Pitch

Holiday Retirement has agreed to pay restitution to more than 150 Oregon veterans, to whom the company illegally pitched its senior housing services.

The Lake Oswego, Oregon-based senior living provider has agreed to pay restitution to 163 veterans who the state claims were financially damaged as a result of unlawful marketing practices on behalf of the company.

Holiday has entered into a settlement under which the company will pay $750 to $3,500 for each veteran affected, according to a statement from the Oregon Department of Justice released today.


The claims against the company allege it made misrepresentations to potential veteran customers about the availability of federal benefits, with some having moved into Holiday communities based on the anticipated additional income and the company’s offer to defer their rent, according to the Justice Department. After some of the veterans had moved in but failed to qualify for the benefits, Holiday worked to collect the deferred rent.

Additionally, Robert Elhard and Fielding Financial were allegedly involved in promoting the benefits and have entered into a settlement with the Department of Justice under which they are banned from soliciting or providing financial services to Oregon veterans. Holiday has agreed to stop doing business with Elhard and to change its marketing practices accordingly.

“It is unconscionable under Oregon law to take advantage of seniors,” said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in response to the settlement. “After the many sacrifices senior veterans have made for our country, no group is more deserving of respect and fair treatment.”


AG Rosenblum stated that the department will continue to monitor Holiday and its practices going forward.

“There is more work to do,” AG Rosenblum said, “But I am proud we were able to remove Mr. Elhard from the Oregon marketplace and to convince a major provider of senior housing to change its practices and make things right by their customers. My office will vigilantly monitor Holiday’s reform efforts going forward.”

The investigation of multiple allegations spanned all 14 of Holiday’s Oregon retirement communities following a complaint from Holiday’s Rock Creek facility in Hillsboro and volunteers with the Oregon Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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